Programme & Services

Visit the SNU website for information on On Line Sevices and Healing

Sunday Service 6.30pm

Friday Healing 6.30pm

SNU Presidents ‘Questions & Answers’ 7pm on Monday’s

There will be Demonstrations On line just check the SNU facebook and website for further information.

Anyone struggling and in need of a ‘Listening Ear’  please go to the SNU website.   The SNU Ministry are available to help.


Brownhills Spiritualist Church Will be closed until further notice.

Keep checking this site and our Facebook page for updates.

Take care all and look after each other















Services Provided

Church Fee
Naming              £100.00
Blessing              £ 100.00
Funeral               £ 100.00
Marriage            £ 100.00
Add Officiant fee and Registrars fee